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We are more than just
a digital agency.

We offer you a wide range of development services, ranging from a simple website to a sophisticated business system or mobile application. Bufferleaf is run by two Msc. Computer Science students.

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Software Development

We specialize in software development, creating innovative and scalable applications that empower your organization and drive success. With our expertise, we deliver tailored solutions that optimize processes, enhance efficiency, and propel your business towards its goals.

AI / Machine Learning

Our AI and machine learning development services leverage advanced algorithms and data analysis to deliver transformative solutions that optimize processes and drive intelligent decision-making for your business.

Web & App Development

Our web and app development services create captivating websites and feature-rich applications, utilizing the latest technologies to deliver seamless user experiences and optimal performance.

Our Staff

Meet Bufferleaf

Bufferleaf is a small software development company based in northern Sweden.

Software development
App & Web Development
Ai / MAchine Learning